T.MARIOTTI - News http://www.alphacom31.com/news.php Latest news about Mariotti Shipyard T.MARIOTTI - News Seabourn, the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, celebrated the keel laying for Seabourn Venture during a ceremony held today at the T. Mariotti shipyard in San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy. With Seabourn Venture scheduled to debut in June 2021, today’s ceremony marks a significant milestone in the construction of the line’s first ultra-luxury purpose-built expedition ship. A second Seabourn expedition vessel, still to be named, is scheduled to … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=33 press@alphacom31.com Wed, 04 Dec 2019 15:45:04 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News On 29 November, the students of the Istituto Tecnico Nautico San Giorgio visited T. Mariotti Shipyard as part of the "Genova Capitale della Cultura d'Impresa 2019" programme, a pilot edition of the Confindustria nazionale project "Città capitali della Cultura d'Impresa", intended to promote social, identity and economic values of the entrepreneurial and industrial culture. For T. Mariotti, being part of this initiative with an important partner such as Confindustria, is an acknowledgement … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=32 press@alphacom31.com Sat, 30 Nov 2019 08:05:14 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News T. Mariotti, part of the Genova Industrie Navali Group, and the Department of Architecture and Design of the University of Genoa "DAD" have signed a two-year framework agreement that will see them collaborate to promote innovation and research in the field of naval design. Through the partnership, T. Mariotti and the University of Genoa aim to encourage the development of research and activities in key areas of ship design and construction such as layout, distribution, furnishing, decoration … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=31 press@alphacom31.com Tue, 15 Oct 2019 14:27:31 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The traditional coin ceremony and keel laying for the new ferry ship of the Italian Railway Network (FS Italiane Group) destined to serve connections in the Strait of Messina has been held today in the Cimar shipyards of San Giorgio di Nogaro, part of the Genova Industrie Navali (GIN) holding. The ferry ship was commissioned to the joint venture composed by T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto, both founding members of GIN Holding. The coin ceremony is a very evocative moment as it … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=30 press@alphacom31.com Thu, 04 Jul 2019 17:21:27 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The operation was led by Intesa Sanpaolo (lead bank), Banca Imi (Arranger and Bookrunner) and Mediocredito Italiano to finance the construction of two new luxury cruise ships for the Carnival Group fleet The transaction was conducted by Intesa Sanpaolo (lead bank), Banca Imi (Arranger and Bookrunner) and Mediocredito Italiano. To finalize the operation, the Mariotti Group was supported by the Intesa Sanpaolo Group with a dedicated team of specialists, taking on the following roles: + … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=29 press@alphacom31.com Thu, 27 Jun 2019 11:33:55 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News T.Mariotti has been choosen among the hidden places in town to be revealed during Genoa Shipping Week. The shipyard, exceptionally open to the public, hosted the performance produced by Igor Chierici together with the Garaventa Foundation, inspired by Alessandro Baricco’s “Novecento” monologue and narrates the story of the pianist Danny Boodman T.D. Lemon 900 and his decision never to abandon the ship Virginian, on which he has spent his entire existence. A monologue enhanced by the … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=28 press@alphacom31.com Wed, 26 Jun 2019 20:29:51 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The ceremony that marks the first milestone in the construction of the new expedition ship, Seabourn Venture, for Seabourn, the world’s finest ultra-luxury cruise line, by T. Mariotti, leader in the construction of luxury cruise ships, took place today with the commemorative cutting of the first steel. Seabourn President Richard Meadows and T. Mariotti Managing Director Marco Ghiglione presided over the ceremony in San Giorgo di Nogaro, Italy. “The steel cutting ceremony marks an … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=27 press@alphacom31.com Thu, 06 Jun 2019 15:19:57 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The order for the construction and supply of a mono-directional Ro-Ro ship - for the carriage of railway carriages and wagons, passengers, wheeled vehicles - was placed by the Italian Railway Network (FS Italiane Group) to the joint venture composed by T. Mariotti SpA and Officine Meccaniche Navali and Fonderie San Giorgio del Porto S.p.A., which was awarded the European tender. The ship - 147 meters long, 19 meters wide, carrying 2,500 tons, speed 18 knots - will be built in fourteen … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=26 press@alphacom31.com Fri, 22 Mar 2019 15:55:05 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News T. Mariotti, San Giorgio del Porto and Chantier Naval de Marseille will attend Seatrade Cruise Global, the largest international exhibition connecting the global cruise industry, taking place in Miami, Florida from 8 to 11 April. It will be an extraordinary opportunity for the whole GIN Group (Genova Industrie Navali) to showcase the super Dry-Dock 10 located in Marseille, the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea. Your ship repair and conversion pole in the heart of the Mediterranean - … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=25 press@alphacom31.com Mon, 18 Mar 2019 10:54:24 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News Extension of the shareholding base. Minority stake to Fincantieri through capital increase aimed at providing financial support to the group Genova Industrie Navali (GIN) – holding founded in 2008 from the merger of two historical shipyards in Genoa, T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto – and Fincantieri have reached a cooperation agreement covering different areas, from new buildings, to ship repair, conversions and outfitting. Such agreement provides for the acquisition by … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=24 press@alphacom31.com Thu, 07 Mar 2019 11:15:50 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The T.Mariotti shipyards intervened at the university meeting enttitled: Refitting Design, shipbuilding and refitting. The meeting is part of the Enterprise & Design initiative organized by ADI - Association for Industrial Design and the Department of Architecture and Design, University of Genoa. Promoted by the Ligurian territorial delegation of ADI, Association for Industrial Design, ADI Impresa & Design was born as an opportunity for dialogue between the University, students, … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=23 press@alphacom31.com Wed, 14 Nov 2018 10:57:12 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News On 12 and 13 October Cantieri Mariotti hosted LINEA, an international production under the artistic direction of Karin Jampen in collaboration with Adrian Schild and Elisa Brivio. The show, included in the ExtraTosse billboard, is a sound and visual exploration of the urban universe that brings near the three port cities of New York, Amsterdam and Genoa from different perspectives. The public had the opportunity to enter the naval repairs area in via dei Pescatori to attend a … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=22 press@alphacom31.com Sat, 13 Oct 2018 15:33:04 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News T. Mariotti, San Giorgio del Porto, and Chantier Naval de Marseille will attend Seatrade Cruise Global, the largest international exhibition connecting the global cruise industry, taking place in Fort Lauderdale from 6 to 8 March. It will be an extraordinary opportunity for the whole GIN Group (Genova Industrie Navali) to showcase the brand new super Dry-Dock 10 located in Marseille, the biggest in the Mediterranean Sea. The new graving dock 10, with its 465 m in … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=19 press@alphacom31.com Tue, 06 Mar 2018 09:56:11 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The project transforming a supply vessel into a luxury yacht. She captures the Yacht Owners imagination with her high performance and cost saving techniques, manoeuvrability, safety in board and environmental consciousness typical of a cruise ship, boosted by bespoke and smart details expected by a Yacht.   Design: Claudio Cicconetti Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=14 press@alphacom31.com Wed, 23 Sep 2015 19:53:40 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The SPORTDECK features wide and dynamic spaces on a fast planing hull entirely built in super aluminium. The unconventional SPORTDECK designed by Claudio Cicconetti and engineered by Mariotti will be built to sail safely in all weather conditions and to be concurrent with the cruise ships the shipyard is renowned for worldwide.   Design: Claudio Cicconetti Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=15 press@alphacom31.com Wed, 23 Sep 2015 19:53:25 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News A 54 M model from Mariotti was salutated as a breakthrough in luxury yachting. It wasn't easy to replicate such an extraordinary success. Despite the added space, the profile of the 59 is exceptionally sleek. The yacht has a dynamic appearance that feels open to the outside, thanks to a generous use of wide windows that bathe the interior areas in light, and drop-down balconies that allow for closer contact with the sea and the open air.   Design: Luca Dini Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=16 press@alphacom31.com Tue, 23 Sep 2014 19:52:39 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News The 85's unique streamlined profile is more evocative of a sporting vessel than the extraordinarily comfortable yacht it is. The main deck's dining and lounging areas can be combined to create an enormous living space, or be partitioned via sliding doors. On the Owner's deck, several hundred square metres are devoted to his or her needs, with a private outdoor area. On the sun deck a central mast houses a sauna and showers so you can enjoy outdoor life to its fullest. Another sauna, for … Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=18 press@alphacom31.com Tue, 23 Sep 2014 19:52:28 +0000 T.MARIOTTI - News An additional deck. Much bigger dimensions, for even more amenities and lounging space. Full-size windows everywhere, rather than portholes. On the Owner's deck, a full-length 180 window affords spectacular views from the bedroom. Two fixed balconies sit on eother side of the dining room. Tranquillity is a feature of this yacht, with its full deck reserved for the crew and engines far removed from all living quarters.   Design: Luca Dini Altro http://www.alphacom31.com/news-scheda.php?id=17 press@alphacom31.com Tue, 23 Sep 2014 19:51:40 +0000