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High degree of craftsmanship with a constant research on new materials, technologies and building techniques.

t.mariotti is an innovator, in both technology and design. its environmental awareness ensures access to the restricted areas that won't admit others. the shipyard has the vision to bring innovative solutions to life. cruise ships and mega yachts instantly admired and recognized as a classic over time.

冠亚体育all t.mariotti newbuildings adhere to the highest standards and have the most severe environmental certifications. these vessels will enjoy the cleanest seas, and leave them just as clean. equally important is safety: both at sea and in the building yard, it is of paramount concern.

the reliability and financial health of the privately held company guarantees continuity of work from design to delivery. a technical team is dedicated to each project, for a tailored approach to perform engineering, manufacturing and construction with an overall view able to optimize each step of the whole project.

dedicated professionals ensure daily updates of the owners' team, for full compliance with the owner's desires. t.mariotti network of specialized partners, suppliers and subcontractors, carefully selected to the standards of the luxury industry, allows for effective, time-tested joint work.



冠亚体育the ship repairer temistocle mariotti founded his company, and on doing so he created a means for handing down his genius to the next generations.


the mid fifties marked for t.mariotti the beginning of many decades past in conversions and large projects on board.


the shipyard has grown steadily over the years improving its know-how in the conversion of passenger liners and cargo vessels into cruiseships. in 1994 t.mariotti successfully entered the field of newbuildings with luxury cruise vessels as a natural consequence of its own and its subcontractor's experience.


冠亚体育now at the fourth generation, and through a constant process of up-dating, t.mariotti shipyard focuses its core-business on cruiseship and megayacht construction and is a leader in the luxury shipbuilding industry. the main assets of the company are specialized craftsmanship, innovation and a tailor made approach that makes every ship unique.

after the performances in the industry where t.mariotti offers the market its experience being a successful partner to fill the gap between ships and gigayachts, the shipyard entered the field of offshore supply vessels.

Luxury Cruise Market

TM ships have always set new standards for the cruise industry

冠亚体育 the most prestigious high-end cruise operators have always chosen t. mariotti to introduce new innovations to the luxury experience aboard their ships. the distinctive features of the ships built in our shipyards include excellent space/passenger/crew ratios, environmental awareness and safety, and design tailored to fit the special services and cruise routes shipowners wish to offer their customers.

冠亚体育radisson (now a regent brand), together with t. mariotti, raised the bar for luxury on ships that were slightly larger than standard, a feature that made them stand out in the market and which competitors would only manage to match approximately twenty years later. silversea, with a fleet that, at the time, was built entirely by t. mariotti, created and defined a new niche – the ultra luxury cruise.

partnerships with t. mariotti have often been distinguished by their level of synergy, not only in terms of shipbuilding itself, but also because the company works in harmony with the range of itineraries and level of guest services that cruise ship owners require. another example of such a relationship is seabourn.

when it wanted to raise the well-known quality of its brand’s guest services yet higher, seabourn entrusted t. mariotti with the refitting of its fleet: more capacious ships, but still of a size and with a crew capable of ensuring the personal touch to which seabourn clients are accustomed.

ships delivered by t. mariotti, with technological features that are often ahead of their time in terms of relevant regulations, are able to call at natural oases that other ships that are larger or less modern are not permitted to visit due to environmental or safety concerns.

the shipyard provides support to shipowners throughout ships’ life cycles, assisting with maintenance and refitting, and keeping perfect pace with the requirements of the market; in fact, seabourn quest recently underwent technical adaptations to prepare her for antarctic routes. her improvements included the expansion of the wellness centre and the addition of an extra deck.

Undisclosed Mar131 22.000
  Ponant Le Lyrial 10.944
  Hapag Lloyd Europa II 42.830
  Ponant Le Soleal 10.944
  Ponant L'austral 10.944
Seabourn Seabourn Sojourn 32.346
  Ponant Le Boreal 10.700
Seabourn Seabourn Quest 32.346
  Silversea Silver Spirit 36.000
Seabourn Seabourn Odyssey 32.346
Regent Seven Seas Voyager 41.827
  Crystal Cruise Crystal Serenity 68.870
Silversea Silver Whisper 28.258
  Regent Seven Seas Mariner 48.075
Silversea Silver Shadow 28.258
  Hapag Lloyd Europa 28.890
Regent Seven Seas Navigator 28.550
Silversea Silver Wind 16.927
Silversea Silver Cloud 16.927


High Standard of comfort, safety and environmental awareness.

Excellence is a distinguishing mark of T. Mariotti recognized in the world: ever ship built at T. Mariotti has received the best awards from leading independent rating organizations for their highest standard of comfort, safety, environmental consciousness and style.

Download our HSE and quality policy (Italian)

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T. Mariotti have been certified ISO by RINA:
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 18001:2007

ISO Certified 9001-14001
ISO Certified 9001-18001


Genova Industrie Navali: a Reliable Naval Pole in the Mediterranean able to Fulfil Every Need of Yachts and Ships up to 465 m.

the genova industrie navali holding company is the product of an agreement between the t. mariotti company (specialising in the construction of luxury vessels) and the san giorgio del porto company (an important name in ship repairs) which, coincidentally, both share the same place and date of founding: genoa (italy), 1928.

formed in 2008, this holding company, which is constituted solely of private companies, has the important role of coordinating and developing the activities of all the maritime companies directly affiliated with it.

since its foundation, its shared strategy has been to allow each company to continue to act independently within its own market, without making changes to any of their individual characteristics.

冠亚体育with a total production value of over 250 million euros, 1,200 employees, 240,000 square meters of available facilities, 2,190 meters of quay, 5 dry-docks in genoa and 3 dry-docks in marseille, genova industrie navali is one of the most important shipbuilding and repair groups in the entire mediterranean basin.

For more information, please visit the GIN Holding web site:

T. Mariotti

冠亚体育the t. mariotti shipyard is specialised in the construction of luxury cruise ships. its experience in this niche industry has, over the last ten years, allowed tm to break into the sectors of megayachts and off-shore working vessels. its agile and flexible company structure allow it to manage the entire production cycle, from design to delivery, with a “big picture” approach that makes it possible to optimize every stage of production.


San Giorgio del Porto

冠亚体育operating in the ship repairs industry since 1928, san giorgio del porto (sgdp), with its modern and well-equipped facilities, is a shipyard with a long tradition. sgdp is recognized worldwide as a point of reference for repairs, maintenance and conversions of all types of ships: passenger, ro-ro, cargo, tankers and off-shore. with over 80 years of experience in its sector, sgdp, with its staff of naval architects, mechanical engineers, skilled workers and flying squads of specialised technicians, is able to offer assistance to vessels worldwide, meeting all shipowners’ expectations.

Mariotti Yachts

冠亚体育mariotti yachts is a brand of t.mariotti that operates at the most exclusive level of the yacht industry. the synergies with t.mariotti span from sharing the infrastructure and know-how employed on ultra luxury shipbuilding to leveraging on experience and expertise of the yard.


Chantier Naval de Marseille

the chantier naval de marseille (cndm) is a shipyard with modern and well-equipped facilities, a highly qualified workforce and a vast network of specialists who are accustomed to working as a team. located in a strategic position in marseille in the south of france, near to the most important terminals in the mediterranean, cndm also benefits from its proximity to the industrial hinterland and is perfectly positioned to support the needs of the maritime, off-shore and renewable energy sectors. cndm offers its customers a full range of services which, together with its professionalism, ensures that it is able to complete any type of project in a timely fashion, with the reliability, efficiency and responsiveness that shipowners require.

Ortec Industriale

ortec industrial designs and builds custom-made industrial electrical systems, combining the latest technology with current legal requirement. ortec specialises in lv switchboards (main and emergency lv switchboards, power units, mccs) for the maritime, industrial and civil sectors, as well as in the installation of electrical systems (turn key design, coordination, installation and commissioning of electrical systems).


tecnavi is a specialised company with over 50 years’ experience in shipbuilding and repairs. the company operates two primary lines of business: tecnavi marine and industrial hvac – refitting of marine and industrial air conditioning, refitting of machinery and technical room ventilation plants for ships and industrial use and refitting of cold storage and freezing rooms for ships and industrial use. tecnavi marine ff systems – design, development and manufacture of fire fighting systems for any kind of ship, in compliance with current regulations.

Gerolamo Scorza

founded in 1898, the gerolamo scorza company operates in the sector of ship outfitting and furnishing, both for new construction and conversions, blending a long history of craftsmanship with innovative and technologically forward-looking ideas. gerolamo scorza provides a comprehensive “from concept to turn-key” service. the company supports owners, architects and shipyards in the implementation of projects for the outfitting and furnishing of cruise ships, luxury yachts, off-shore units, hotels, villas and resorts.


冠亚体育ci.mar is a joint venture of the cimolai group (the company which, among other achievements, built the olympic stadium in athens, the cardiff stadium and the reggio emilia bridge) and t. mariotti shipyards (a leader in the construction of ultra luxury cruise ships and builder of megayachts). this “made in italy” alliance between the best of civil and industrial engineering entrepreneurship and the top-end of luxury-vessel shipyards, was established in 2007 and is intended to last. facilities in san giorgio di nogaro, in udine province, not too far from venice, offer a shipbuilding area of over 50,000 square meters, with complex lifting and manoeuvring systems capable of handling up to 300 tons.

Studio Engineering

冠亚体育the studio engineering company is entirely devoted to naval design and production engineering. it also handles hull design, stability calculations, weight estimation, structural design and fem (finite element method) analyses, functional design and coordination drawings, development of general arrangement plans and inclining tests. studio engineering takes care of every stage of the design of the entire ship system.